Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Questions of identity

I've noticed that there's another poster by the name of "E10 Rifles" on the Guardian's commentisfree site and various other lefty blogs. Despite the fact that he/she appears to share many of my politics (McDonnellite labour left etc), he/she is not me, though it's not inconceivable that we may have regaled/bored the same pubs with our saloon bar socialist blather. I don't actually live in E10 either - I'm a mile or so up the road.


Sham said...

Aha, my Ba'athist adversary, I see you've managed to set up your own blog!

I noticed that you're into lower league footy and cricket. Me too! See, I'm not that crazy!!! ;)

e5 handgun - no that doesn't really work said...

Erm, that'll be me. Better come up with a new name, hadn't I?


E10 Rifle said...

Ta. Even in jest, by the way, I object strongly to being called 'Ba'athist'.

formerly e10 rifles, now looking for a new name said...

Sham - it was me, the other e10 rifles, who you crossed swords with on the John4Leader and Reclaim Labour blogs.

As my comrade here has registered the name and set up a blog, I'm going to find a new name.

Jsut to clarify - the owner of this site is not the same guy as you have been round calling a Baathist before. That was me.